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                You are here:   Home » About Us

                WENZHOU WOBO STATIONERY CO.,LTD. is located in China stationery production city, wenzhou. We specialized in manufacturing various stationery rulers.


                WE ONLY MAKE AND FOCUS ON RULERS! That is our advantage. We have rich experience in ruler  industry, we have more than 200 employees, more than 30 are technical workers with a lot of experience. Our factories encompass 3,500 s.q.meters, with more than 10 production lines and lot of skilled workers.

                Our company has obtained ISO9001 and EN71 professional quality

                Authentication, also got BSCI certificate. 


                We cooperated with one of the biggest supermarket LIDL of German, also we are the sole ruler supplier of Chenguang company,which is the biggest stationery brand in China.

                We also exported to many famous Japanese company, such as Sunstar, DAISO and so on.

                Our tenet is promoting best products and best service to customers. 
                Be partners of us, you will be assured of competitive price, high quality and prompt delivery.