About Dead Sky

Dead Sky takes place admist the chaos of a mysterious outbreak where you will fight tooth-and-nail through hordes of undead creatures in order to escape the epidemic and survive. At its core, Dead Sky is an action-packed survival shooter that ties in several strategic tower defense elements. The gameplay consists of a satisfying mix between defending objectives and staying alive within contaminated territory by using the variety of powerful weapons, structures, upgrades, and power-ups at your disposal. In online cooperative play, you and up to 3 friends will team up to fight your way through several environments and the unique challenges they present. Using teamwork, strategy, and quick reflexes, you will work together to defeat the powerful and mutated enemies that cross your path.

Barbed Wire

Keep the zombies out for a while with this only slightly rusted piece of craftsmanship! Handling may result in tetanus.

Bear Trap

Originally designed to stop bears from walking, now you can stop the undead from walking! For a few seconds at least.


Repurposed scrap metal has never packed such a punch! Lay a few of these bad boys down and sit back as it rains zombie soup.

Gun Turret

While not the most powerful of turrets, with their moderate damage output and simple design, these babies will do wonders in keeping you alive.

Flame Turret

It lights things on fire AND doesn't self-combust! What's not to love?

Electric Turret

Basically an oversized bug zapper for zombies. Frankly, nobody knows why it works...but it does and it's awesome.


Your trusty sidearm. While it doesn't pack much of a punch, it reloads fairly quickly and mysteriously never seems to run out of ammo.

Assault Rifle

An automatic rifle for quickly putting down groups of zombies at long range. A reliable choice in most all combat situations.


While not great at a distance, in close quarters the shotgun packs a serious punch.


It shoots flames at a medium distance and burns zombies to a crisp. Awesome, right? However, the flamethrower does run out of fuel quickly, so be sure to watch your fuel levels and choose your targets wisely.


Tear through waves of the undead with the chainsaw. While it deals heavy damage, the chainsaw's range is very short, so it's not useful in all situations.

Rocket Launcher

It launches rockets, the rockets explode, and zombie parts fly everywhere. The rocket launcher deals heavy AOE damage on impact. However, like the Railgun, it takes a while to reload and is limited on ammo.


An improvised, beautiful, long-range hand cannon. The railgun fires a projectile at super-sonic speeds, dealing heavy damage to everything in its path. It takes a long time to reload and is very limited on ammo.


Slow moving but very dangerous in numbers!


A deceased swat member, his armor gives him physical damage reduction.


A deceased fireman, his heat resistent suit gives him fire damage reduction.


She used to clean, now she wants your spleen! Very fast and is equipped with a knife. Keep her at a distance.

Putrid Popper

Fast and anxious, he explodes into a noxious gas that lingers for a few seconds.

Dead Pull

A mutant that can stretch his arm and pull you to him.

Bile Drip

A mutant that has toxic spit.

Demolition Zombie

A fast moving zombie that explodes when killed or touched. He causes massive damage to turrets and players.


A fast moving enemy that is equipped with a chainsaw. He deals massive damage and is a huge threat to your party.

Dead Mass

An alien eyeball from the nether. He has a very powerful laser beam and summons small eyes to his aid.


A large mutant worm thought to be from the Zophobas morio species. It tunnels underground and can burst out from underneath your feet. It also can leap towards you hurling a toxic projectile.


Nobody really knows where it came from but it is very ruthless. The scarecrow can teleport and summon crows.

Mr. Blob

Toxic goo on the run! He can move through just about anything and anything that touches him will take damage. It is immuned to physical damage and can absorb zombies to make itself bigger.


If you have any questions or need support, please contact support@shoreboundstudios.com